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Science allows us to better understand our natural world. Science also plays an impactful role in our society as it enables humans to create and learn new knowledge, as well as increasing quality of life. It is no doubt that Science is considered one of the most important elements of knowledge.

At EOK, we mentor and guide children through 3 main topics of Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our science lessons are developed not only to cultivate students' natural curiosity about how the world works but also to connect to real-life applications.




1. Atoms, Elements and Compounds

2. Sustainable Ecosystems

3. The Characteristics of Electricity

4. Earth & Space Science: The Study of the Universe

5. Tissues, Organs & Organ Systems

6. Chemical Reactions

7. Light & Geometric Optics

8. Climate Change


1. Review

2. Kinematics

3. Forces

4. Energy & Society

5. Waves & Sounds

6. Electricity & Magnetism


1. Review & Kinematics

2. Force & Motion: Dynamics

3. Energy & Momentum

4. Electric, Gravitational & Magnetic Fields

5. The Wave Nature of Light

6. Modern Physics


1. Review

2. Matter, Chemical Trend, Bonding & Reactions

3. Quantities in Chemical Reactions

4. Solutions & Solubility

5. Gases & Atmospheric Chemistry


1. Review

2. Structure & Properties of Matter

3. Entergy Changes & Rates of Reactions

4. Chemical Systems & Equilibrium

5. Organic Chemistry

6. Electrochemistry


1. Diversity of Living

2. Evolution

3. Genetic Processes

4. Animals: Structure & Function

5. Plants: Anatomy, Growth & Function


1. Biochemistry

2. Metabolic Processes

3. Molecular Genetics

4. Homeostasis

5. Population Dynamics


Tutoring material will depend on the course material from the university program.

Please contact us for more detail.


Tutoring material will depend on the course material from the university program.

Please contact us for more detail.

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