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it's never about us, it's always about our student Your success, your story.


Their thoughts about us...

Mitchell James Bradbury

"EOK was essential in terms of both high school success and university applications. I felt that the lessons taught at EOK were both simple and informative, which allowed me to better grasp the complicated concepts that were being taught in school. The teaching environment at EOK allows for the type of constructive and in depth learning style that I am so grateful for now that I'm in university."

Financial Analysis & Risk Management, University of Waterloo (2021)


Joseph Lai

“Overall my experience at EOK was great, Jeff taught complicated math problems very clearly and helped me pick it up quickly. I went to Kumon before going to EOK and it made me hate math, but transitioning to EOK made math a lot more enjoyable. It definitely shaped my career path to where it is now.”

Ivey Business, Western University (2016)



Jason Pun

My experience at EOK was extremely positive! Ever since I was a kid, the instructors have done an amazing job in teaching me chemistry and mathematics. I had always loved the fact that the class sizes were small as I felt that the lessons were more personalized and thought out. I think the way that I was taught at EOK fostered my love and appreciation for mathematics."

Engineering, University of Waterloo (2018)


Deanna Tsang

"My time at EOK with the tutors and other students made learning math and physics a lot more bearable and fun! They were always willing to help me with my work and I could always come in and study or ask questions even when I didn’t have a class scheduled!"

Design & Advertising, OCAD University (2016)


Joelle Pang

"Looking back, classes at EOK really helped reinforce and solidify calculus concepts that were taught in day school. The small class sizes made it comfortable for me to ask for additional help and clarification. The instructors were personable and accommodating, catering the lessons and practice questions to my weaknesses."

Sustainability Management, University of Toronto (2018)


Ivan Yung

"Without Jeff and EOK, I wouldn’t have been accepted into the program of my first choice – Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) at the University of Waterloo. After attending EOK for mathematics, I saw my grades skyrocket. Jeff’s style of teaching simplifies and helps you understand in detail the complicated mathematical concepts that are taught in school."

Accounting Financial Management, University of Waterloo (2016)


Bryan Poon

"I highly recommend EOK, one of the best tutors I've come across. Jeff, Xavier and Colette are so knowledgeable, clear, patient and well organized. They thoroughly explained concepts and provided applicable practice problems to reinforce understanding of the material.

Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo (2017)


Victor Ying

"I went to EOK for many years, essentially throughout my middle and high school years.Having been through so many different tutoring centers, I was lucky to have found EOK. They really helped me improve my grades and study habits. Now that I’m in university, I can honestly say I benefited tremendously. Thank you!"

Life Science, University of Toronto (2013)


Catherine Sung

"I had an amazing experience at EOK! The staffs were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive. Being at EOK not only improved my grades but also the necessary habits for me to do well in university.

Computer Financial Management, University of Waterloo (2019)


Victoria Marcelino

“I had a positive, memorable experience during my two years at EOK. It felt like a comfortable and open learning environment. Math and physics were the most challenging courses for me in high school but their style of tutoring was very productive and made the content easier for me to understand. The staffs are funny, understanding, and knowledgeable. I don’t regret choosing EOK as my tutor, and I recommend this teaching team to anyone who is struggling with math as I did.”

Science in Nursing, Ryerson University (2013)


Alex Ho

"EOK was one of the greatest learning experiences during my high school years. The teachers had an abundance of knowledge and compassion for teaching the students and ensuring they succeed."

Civil Engineering, Queen's University (2015)


Austin Cho-Wong

"Jeff has a gift for teaching mathematics and for helping others foster their own mathematical knowledge, and the patience to help slower learners catch up, build their confidence, and begin to excel. One thing that really puts him and EOK above other tutors at other tutoring establishments I've been to is how much he cares about your success and future."


Computer Science, University of Waterloo (2015)


Tegh Jauhal

"EOK has been a second home for me ever since I started going there in Grade 1. It is an amazing environment where the tutors go above and beyond to foster learning. Even now, I know I can always call Jeff any time for help or advice!"

Biomedical Science, University of Ottawa (2016)


Janice Liu

"EOK is the best private tutoring service I have ever experienced and I would highly recommend it. I went to EOK for Physics and Calculus and learned so much from Xavier and Jeff. They always made sure I understood the concepts and provided an encouraging learning environment. EOK is undoubtedly a contributing factor in my university acceptance."

Commerce, Queen's University (2016)


Noel Yau

"Extra care was put into lessons before tests and examinations, lesson plans were structured to make sure that all concepts to be tested were covered and enough practice questions were given, completed and corrected. All the tutors I had the privilege of learning from were not only well educated and great teachers, but they also helped me develop strategies for test-taking and how to memorize different key concepts."

Pharmacy, University of Waterloo (2015)


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