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A truly effective preparation course cannot be built in a day. Our many years of experience allowed us to accumulate tips and tricks to help our students obtain information effectively and cultivate their interests. 

We've created compelling and engaging preparation courses, which focus on understanding the fundamentals and career developments.

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One of our guiding principles is perfect practice makes perfect. Contests are one of the ways to help students practice and prepare for life competition. By entering contests, students are trained to deal with success and failure while coping with some element of pressure. Competitions not only encourage students' interests in mathematics but also teach students effective performance requires practice.

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Both International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) offer college-level coursework to high school in a variety of subjects. At EOK, we leverage our 15+ years of experience in mathematics to develop students' logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. 

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The ultimate foundation in all fields of studies in mathematics and logic. We truly believe that math is the universal language of Science, Technology and Engineering (i.e. STEM). 

We offer the following enhancement courses in STEM:

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