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Computer Programming

Computer programming is a direct application of mathematics. EOK offers a wide range of computer programming courses for students from grades 5 to 12.

Our material is a combination of the pursuit of creativity in education and the discovery of programming logic to cultivate children's interest in coding. 

For advanced programming courses, students will gradually learn to use common languages, such as Python, Java and C++. During the course, the educator will further explain complex theoretical knowledge and lay the foundation for learning other programming languages in the future.

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Core Value

Our value is formulated based on the 4I curve: I can, I love, I understand, and I will. Following the 4I's, each class is carefully designed tailored to children's learning curve. Each class targets children's four main abilities: imagination, hands-on, logical-thinking and collaboration. As the child goes through the curve, they will deviate from block based programming to language coding, and ultimately, self-taught languages.

Offered Programs

Programming path

To cultivate children's interest we innovate our lessons by "playing". Children begin to develop an interest in creating and developing their projects. Through these projects, children enlighten their mathematical and logical thinking.



Age 5 - 12

Suitable for students with zero foundation and trying to learn something new! Familiarize with the Scratch Program and its common coding building blocks. Your child will independently create simple plots and games through case training to stimulate logic and creative thinking.



Age 8 - 12

Suitable for students with more than one and a half years of programming experience. Understand the Scratch program in depth, such as mastering the toolkit, skills, and logical relationships. Students can independently complete the production of single element programming projects and multi-logic relationship games or animations.



Age 5 - 12

Suitable for students with some experience and foundation in programming. Familiarize  with the Scratch Program, such as basic toolkits, skills, and logical relationships, proficient in material design and material editing



Age 5 - 12

Suitable for students with more than two years of programming experience. Based on the class, a programming team is formed and coached by a teacher. Throughout the journey, the child is able to gain collaboration skills, leadership skills, and build meaningful relationships with other students. Approximately 2-3 projects will be built, designed, and share within the team.


advancing from block base programming ...



Age 11 - 13

Suitable for students who have four years of programming experience or completed four stages of programming courses. By making simple small programs, students will gradually learn to use the Python programming language. During the course, the teacher will further explain complex theoretical knowledge and lay the foundation for learning other programming languages in the future.

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At EOK Tutor, we know that learning is not one size fits all. Finding the study method that suits you is the best way to ensure improvement in your scores and overall academic achievement. Our 5 guiding principles ensure that you'll achieve your goals every step in your career path.

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