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"What should I do?" 

This is a common question asked by students when they start to think about the career path they want to take. It is definitely not something that one can just google and hope to get an answer. Students must realize what truly interests them and willing to pursue the subject further. Teachers at EOK help students explore their interests and explore their potential. Every subject is taught by teachers who can share beyond academic insights. With over 15 years of experience, EOK accumulated tips and tricks to cultivate students' interests and mentor them to the right path.

Loft Studio

Study Skills

10 highly effective habits

  1. Create a weekly schedule

  2. Create a study plan

  3. Remove distractions

  4. Start early, don't procrastinate

  5. Take notes during class

  6. Review your notes often

  7. Learn to self-motivate

  8. Get enough sleep

  9. Check your work before you submit it

  10. Keep yourself healthy

Your learning curve should not only be academics but other soft skills that'll help you achieve and become more.

EOK shapes the study habits that are essential to your academic success:

  • Notes Taking skills

  • Time Management skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Exam preparation skills

95% of our students

receives offers from their dream university programs and succeed in their career path

10+ years of experience

in teaching students in both Canada and Hong Kong

10,000+ practice questions

for you to be prepared for any tests, exams and much more
(EQAO, IB, AP, and Math Contests)!


Mentorship Program

Always MIYO stands for "Always make it your own", a community where students get to share their own stories and inspire others with their experience.




 Always MIYO will also be the mentorship platform for EOK students to connect with young professionals (or undergraduates) to learn what it is like to work/study in different fields.


For the first time in 15 years, EOK is leveraging our alumni, along with their networks, to create multiple speakers series throughout the school year. During these events, students will have a chance to connect with professionals in their field of interest or talk to university students about their program of interest.

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Career Advice

Identify Goals

- choose your values and analyze your interest

Connect with a Mentor

- get tips and guidance from professionals and peers

Share your stories

- share your experience with others

Always MIYO


EOK University Expo (Fall Semester)

EOK Expo

EOK Alumni network will inform you of all the tricks and tips you'll need to get into your ideal university program. This program is completely FREE! Join us and listen to what our Alumni have to share about their university or career experience. Bring your questions with you! 


let's learn together

achieve your goals now!

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